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Issue: #1013 Quitely-c  
Publisher: DC  
Price: 6.90 EUR  6.90  
Creator: Bendis, Brian Michael; Kudranski, Szymon; Quitely, Frank  
Crossover: Event Leviathan; Year of the Villain  
Families: DC Universe; Super Hero; Superman;  
2019: Metropolis is in total lockdown, and while everyone is busy dealing with the impossible threat of Leviathan's complete takeover, a mysterious antihero called Thorn has decided to wreak havoc on the invisible empire! Witness the return of Rose and Thorn, the most dangerous woman in the DC Universe-and if you've never heard of her, it's only because she is that good. All this, plus a major EVENT LEVIATHAN revelation! But why wasn't it in the main series? Plus, the invisible mafia held a death grip on the Metropolis underworld…until Lex Luthor visits their criminal competition!  
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