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Issue: var-c($75)  
Publisher: Marvel  
Price: 73.20 EUR  73.20  
Creator: Kane, Gil  
Families: Marvel Heroes; Super Hero;  
2016: Daredevil teams up with not one but two stunning women of Marvel when Black Widow and Shanna the She-Devil join the battle against Black Spectre! Together, the three heroes must uncover the secret leaders of an organization bent on bringing the United States to its knees. It's a massive saga that will pull in heroes from across the Marvel Universe, including Moondragon and the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing - culminating in a battle royale on the White House lawn! Classic villains like Gladiator and Owl abound, and new enemies emerge when Death-Stalker hatches a plan that brings Man-Thing into the fray! Add in a return to Fogwell's Gym, where it all began, and what we have in store are true Marvel Masterworks! Collecting DAREDEVIL (1964) #108-119 and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) #3. Rated T  
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