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Issue: #6  
Publisher: Image  
Price: 3.50 EUR  3.50  
Creator: Bendis, Brian Michael; Medina, Angel; Glapion, Jonathan; Wood, Ashley  
Families: Crime; Spawn; Super Hero;  
2000: "The Udaku" Part 6 -- 1999 EISNER award-winning writer, Brian Bendis and fan favorite Angel Medina continue their incredible run on one of the most talked about comic books of the year. Sam & Twitch face off against the corrupt New York City cops that have made their lives hell, and the Sangiacomo crime family comes to backup the outnumbered pair whether they like it or not. It's a huge standoff right in the middle of Grand Central Station as the two detectives close in on the hidden meaning of THE UDAKU--the clue to all the gruesome and unexplained gangland murders. This is an all-out action issue featuring some of the best comic book visuals you have ever seen!  
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