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Issue: #5  
Publisher: Image  
Price: 4.00 EUR  4.00  
Creator: Bendis, Brian Michael; Medina, Angel; Glapion, Jonathan; Wood, Ashley  
Families: Crime; Spawn; Super Hero;  
1999: This issue is a hard boiled, two fisted, all action issue!! Sam & Twitch, in the middle of the bloodiest mob war the city of New York has ever seen are put to the ultimate test as they struggle to clear their good name to the cops and the Feds while trying to keep one step ahead of the mob. Their goal is to find the hidden meaning of The Udaku: the clue to all the gruesome and unexplained gangland murders that they are being accused of. It's another thrilling, hard boiled, cinematic chapter to one of the most talked about new comics this year by 1999 Eisner winner, crime fiction author Brian Michael Bendis (Jinx, Torso) and fan favorite Angel Medina (KISS).  
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