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Issue: #2  
Publisher: Image  
Price: 5.00 EUR  5.00  
Creator: Bendis, Brian Michael; Medina, Angel; Glapion, Jonathan; Wood, Ashley  
Families: Crime; Spawn; Super Hero;  
2000: A beleaguered Twitch Williams tells a friendly woman at a bar how he and his partner, Sam Burke, returned to homicide duty at the NYPD. He further tells her about their first case, a series of multiple gangland murders. They are puzzled by the evidence when the coroner discovers that the four severed thumbs found at the crime scene are all from the same person, and not from one of the victims. When Sam and Twitch confront the mysterious cloaked suspect, they are left with more questions than answers. As Twitch wraps up his story, he finds that he has inadvertently told his story not to a stranger, but to Internal Affairs.  
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