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Issue: #56  
Publisher: Avatar  
Price: 4.60 EUR  4.60  
Creator: Ennis, Garth; Zanier, Christian; Andrade, Gabriel  
Families: Horror;  
2014: The startling conclusion to GARTH ENNIS's patient zero arc is here! Armageddon has come and there is no stopping the wave of Crossed violence as the infection spreads simultaneously across the globe. Fear, violence, and unrestrained murder run rampant in the streets. The government has lost control and the descent into the hell of a Crossed world begins in earnest. There is no help. There is no hope. There is only the Crossed.Available with Regular,Torture and Red Crossed Incentive covers by Christian Zanier a Fatale Fantasy cover by Matt Martin and a Wraparound cover by Gabriel Andrade.  
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