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Issue: #34 fn/vf  
Publisher: Avatar  
Price: 2.60 EUR  2.60  
Creator: Lapham, David; Andrade, Gabriel  
Families: Horror;  
2013: Amanda is lost. Her strength came from the insanity she embraced but when the Crossed take the companions of Base M from her, she slides into a misery laced schizophrenia that threatens to destroy her as surely as the infected. With visions of Lorre haunting her and a tribe of freakishly religious Crossed on the rampage, she slips down a dangerous slope into a desperate state. And when survivors find her, they think she is one of them, but she's far worse than they can imagine. DAVID LAPHAM has once again unleashed a horrific story that will leave you scarred forever. Available with a Regular cover by Raulo Caceres, Torture & Wraparound covers by Gabriel Andrade, and a special Red Crossed Incentive also by Caceres.  
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