Group: Still Available   Section: Relist   Category: TPs, GNs  
Issue: ($19,95)  
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly  
Price: 21.85 EUR  21.85  
Creator: Tatsumi, Yoshihiro; Tomine, Adrian  
Families: Crime; Manga;  
2010: (W/A) Yoshihiro Tatsumi Created in the late 1950s, Black Blizzard is Yoshihiro Tatsumi's remarkable first full-length graphic novel and one of the first published examples of Gekiga. Susumu Yamaji, a Young pianist, is arrested for murder and ends up handcuffed to a career criminal on the train that will take them to prison. When an avalanche derails the train, the criminal takes the opportunity to escape, dragging a reluctant Susumu with him. They flee into the mountains, taking shelter from the storm. Black Blizzard uncovers an unlikely love story and an even unlikelier friendship.  
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