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Title: CSI OMNIBUS TP 01  
Issue: ($24,99)  
Publisher: IDW  
Price: 25.86 EUR  25.86  
Creator: Wood, Ashley  
Families: Crime; Movie;  
2009: Max Allan Collins, Stephen Grant, Kris Oprisko (w) o Gabriel Rodriguez, Stephen Mooney, Ashley Wood, Steven Perkins (a) o Ashley Wood (c) This first CSI Omnibus collection includes CSI: Serial, about a modern-day Jack the Ripper terrorizing Las Vegas; CSI: Bad Rap, when a duel between retro-punk rappers ends with one of them dead; and CSI: Demon House, where the CSI team finds themselves pulling double duty between a series of armed robberies and a body that turns up in a charity haunted house. TPB o FC o $24.99 o 368 Pages o 6' x 9' o ISBN: 978-1-60010-547-0  
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