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Issue: #3  
Publisher: Marvel  
Price: 4.80 EUR  4.80  
Creator: Alberti, Mario  
Families: Marvel Heroes; Super Hero; Top Cow;  
2009: Written by ADAM FELBER Penciled by MARK ROBINSON Cover by MARIO ALBERTI Cow Variant Cover by TOP COW STUDIOS One Wolverine ain't enough for ya? How about TWO? Depending how our story conference goes tomorrow…you might even get three! Evil Skrull scions! Massively malevolent cow meat! And a guy with a gun arm! This over-the-top follow-up to last year's Secret Invasion continues with the return of more members of the Krew…including a white-supremacist who hasn't read the paper in about a year. All brought to you by a writer for National Public Radio. Man, one of these things just ain't like the other. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99  
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