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Issue: #1 A-c  
Publisher: Image  
Price: 3.50 EUR  3.50  
Creator: Yasuko, Kobayashi  
Families: Good Girl; Manga; Super Hero; Top Cow;  
2007: Top Cow and Bandai Entertainment present the Witchblade, diving into the popular world of manga with this authentic Japanese series. Takeru is average Japanese schoolgirl being raised in a Buddhist monestary by a group of nuns. Except for the forbidden wicked-looking claw locked in a box that keeps appearing in her dreams. That'd make a relationship with cute Kou hard enough, but when a group of mysterious black-clad monks shows up at the monestary, the Witchblade chooses its newest bearer. Originally serialized in Japan's populuar magazine, Champion Red, and written by Witchblade Anime head writer Sumita Kazasa, this uniquely Japanese tale is considered part of the Witchblade canon. Now collected for the first time for an American audience in standard comic format and in full color.  
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