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Issue: #1  
Publisher: DC  
Price: 3.45 EUR  3.45  
Creator: Tischman, David; Chaykin, Howard; Hahn, David; Quitely, Frank  
Families: Horror; Vertigo;  
2006: Sex, violence and black humor are served up super-size when Miami's Vampire Crime Unit investigates the murder of a drug-addicted stripper in BITE CLUB: VAMPIRE CRIME UNIT, the follow-up miniseries to the critically acclaimed, top-selling BITE CLUB, written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman with art by David Hahn and provocative covers by Frank Quitely. The characters who survived BITE CLUB are back, playing cops and mobsters in a gritty, Vampire procedural that opens the vein of Miami vice and proves the police blotter is a Rorschach test for self-mutilation, power exchange, money and revenge. The elite squad of cops has plenty of problems, including a wide-eyed rookie with a hot-on for the ferociously depraved Risa Del Toro female Godfather of Miami's toughest crime family who just happens to be the prime suspect at the scene of the crime.  
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