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Issue: #127 fn-  
Publisher: Dell  
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1959: Cover art by John Stanley. The Mascot; Lulu gives a (pregnant) mouse to the Fellers after her pop traps it in the house. First Ice; Lulu buys three left foot skates from Eddie and builds an ice boat. Oh, Christmas Tree!; Lulu wants her pop to cut down their Christmas tree in the woods. Little Itch Writes a Friendly Little Letter; Lulu tells Alvin about how the poor little girl got Itch to write a letter to Santa. The Christmas Bunny; Tubby has a dream on Christmas Eve that he is inside an Easter egg with bunnies. All scripts and pencils by John Stanley, inks by Irving Tripp. One-page text story, Lulus Diry ("Diary"). 36 pgs.  
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