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Issue: PO-26.02.20: #1 Albuquerque-c($3,99)  
Publisher: Dark Horse  
Price: 4.03 EUR  4.03  
Creator: Albuquerque, Rafael  
Families: Horror;  
2020: A new series from Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone, the team behind Neil Gaiman's A Study in Emerald! Hidden from ordinary eyes, there is a world alongside our own full of deities, demons, and danger-where magic wins out over science and dark secrets lie in wait. Ulloo, the last wizard from the Hidden Society, enlists the aid of a blind girl and her demon, a young magician, and a cursed bounty hunter in order to stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the Society's greatest nemesis: a primeval force that, unchecked, will scorch the planet bare of all life.  
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